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    Help Essaim d’Accueil reach their crowdfunding target!

    Just over a month ago we talked to Claire Juchat about Essaim d’Accueil - for the full article, click here. This week we caught up with her and her colleague Raya to see how their project has developed since then. What are the key words you want people to remember about Essaim d’Accueil? Watch your [...]
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    On a mission to save the world’s little pollinators

    The Journey: Nathalie Lafosse gave up a professional cycling career in her teenage years and any dream of winning a medal. However, one never knows what awaits in the future. On October 21, 2017 Nathalie won the PremaGyan Good100 medal at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne. There she presented her project, Merci les Abeilles, to [...]
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    Building Bridges, One Link At A Time

    Based and operating in Geneva by eight hopeful young adults, the Essaim d’Accueil team works tirelessly towards the social inclusion of asylum seekers. As they profoundly word it, “Many who are called ‘migrants’ are not treated as individuals, but as part of a faceless mass. Essaim d’Accueil decided to build bridges between the asylum seekers [...]
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    Enabling a better start in life, supporting our smallest

    The Premayotte Association is helping the most vulnerable among us: premature born babies. In the neonatology service located on Mayotte island near Mozambique, the little ones and their parents receive the support required for a better start in life. The hospital of Mayotte has the biggest French maternity unit with more than 9514 registered births, [...]
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    Learning languages fast and fun way with Speaksli

    Speaksli began as a true labor of love. After marrying a Swiss national and becoming a resident of Switzerland in 2014, Speaksli’s founder, Elizabeth Cummins, challenged herself to create animated videos teaching herself German and Swiss German. She started publishing her videos on YouTube and watched in delight as the channel rapidly grew to over [...]
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    LEDsafari: lighting the path for a sustainable future

    How would you encourage youth entrepreneurship while reaching for a sustainable future? Directly impacting 15,000 students, indirectly 60,000 and saving 24 kilotons of CO2 emissions, it is safe to say that LEDsafari has a solution. First place PremaGyan Good 100 medalist at April's GoodFestival, founder and CEO Govinda lives his dream of empowering future generations [...]
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    Your creativity for the good of the sea

    A better understanding of the oceans and a rational management of their resources, that is what the European Marine Information (EMI) strives for. Founded in September 2016 by two engineer students specialized in marine sciences, the project aims to combine innovation and oceanographic research by bringing together students and experienced scientists. The team provides students [...]
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    GoodFestival: The Power of Eight

    Stripping away race, gender, religion, nationality and wealth, we are left with the naked truth about two types of people in this world: those who want to actively better society and participate in random acts of kindness, let's call them Group One, and those with the resources to help them do it, Group Two. But [...]
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    Making A Difference, One Traveller at a Time, but how?

    Elisabeth and Nicolas, a young French couple, were travelling in Malaysia when they came up with the idea for My Green Trip. What is My Green Trip you may ask? A way to connect environmentally-concerned travelers with locale, nature-friendly tourism organizations aimed at cleaning beautiful places plagued by our rubbish. These tourist organizations are our [...]
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    Earth Overshoot Day – Let’s Rethink our Resources!

    08.08.2016. Earth Overshoot Day 2016. On this day, we have consumed all natural resources available to humanity for this year. After that, we live and eat and travel on account of the future. If this date continues to move forward, at some point in the future, we will have exhausted the ability of our planet [...]
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    The Power of Design

    How are office buildings, skyscrapers, and high end residential homes helping others? Kelsey Bradley, designer and founder of Design Cause Inc., too, was not able to connect these dots. As an architecture student, she discovered the desire to use her skills to benefit underprivileged communities, not just for another high-rise building. With that, she founded [...]
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    Using Sign Language to Connect the World

    According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 360 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the world. However, only 2% of them are educated in sign language. The main reason for this is the complexity of sign languages as well as each country using their own sign language, making international communication [...]
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    Project Elpis

    Imagine leaving behind everything you have ever known. Your only form of contact, access to money, access to information? Through your phone. Your phone is now your lifeline. Statistics show that roughly 86% of today’s refugees have access to smartphones. Unfortunately, access to electricity is limited in camps, as are opportunities for advancement and education. [...]
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    The Evolution of the Toilet

    For the last 100 years, no one has questioned toilet usage – the way we use them, sanitary problems, nor the sewage system itself. We continue using out of necessity, even though the traditional toilet is a large contributor towards water pollution and waste creation. This is where Kompotoi steps in – revolutionizing the waste [...]
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    Initiating the Uninitiated

    It is true that education is the foundation of a good society, no? Education comes in many forms; starting with learning from our elders, steadily gaining experience, studying at conventional schools… the list goes on. Over time, the education system in India has been distorted, often resembling a commercialized assembly line – the “One Size [...]
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    Creating a 100% renewable world

    With the rapid depletion of the world's resources and ever increasing waste, now more than ever it is important to reduce our negative footprint on the world. Founded in 2013, EKOenergy is spreading around the world with 100,000 consumers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg… even corporate consumers have started to use [...]
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    Turning Challenges into Solutions

    If you are in your early twenties, looking for a job, what would you do? Now add that 83% of young people in your country are unemployed, how would that change? The youth in Uganda must ask these questions daily. Due to rapid population growth, the fastest the world has ever seen, each year unemployment [...]
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