What’s GoodPowWow?

We are an online magazine seeking to showcase what’s good around the world by spreading awareness and knowledge about sustainable startups, businesses and volunteer organizations. In this day and age, news and social media sites are a source for never ending negative stories. Here at GPW, our vision is a little different. By sharing stories of people looking to make the world a better, brighter place we hope to inspire citizens of the world to do good; putting a smile on their face as we do so.

Launched in early 2017, GoodPowWow works in conjunction with the GoodFestival and is a subsidiary of Majamba.

Are you involved in a project or business that practices sustainability, empowers women and children, helps the environment, or something else? Any questions, send an email to hello@goodfestival.ch


The Team

Want to join the team, write for GoodPowWow and become an ambassador? Send an email to hello@goodfestival.ch

Hazel Polka, Editor

Alexandre Srivastava, Design Lead

Rajiv Srivastava, Partnership Lead

Arabella Watt, Editorial Advisor

Jack Church, Editorial Advisor

What is GoodFestival?

GoodFestival serves social and sustainable Innovators (or anyone building a better world at any level), anywhere by helping them better understand how to expand their project and have a greater impact on the world. GoodFestival celebrates the Innovator’s path forward, helps increase the world’s awareness of their project, and gives the Innovator tools to help him/her make the project a success.

It takes a special type of person to go beyond random acts of kindness to devote a lifetime on building an organisation that is focused on sustainability and is also financially sustainable. Are you this kind of person? Apply today and join us at the next GoodFestival.