Creating a 100% renewable world

With the rapid depletion of the world’s resources and ever increasing waste, now more than ever it is important to reduce our negative footprint on the world.

Founded in 2013, EKOenergy is spreading around the world with 100,000 consumers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg… even corporate consumers have started to use the EKOenergy label, showing their commitment to a 100% renewable world.

Widely used benchmarks, such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol and LEED, recognize and promote EKOenergy. Both institutes encourage consumers to explicitly buy energy with the EKOenergy label. The ecolabel is also acknowledged by CDP, an organization helping more than 5000 of the largest corporations to calculate and decrease their carbon emissions.

EKOenergy is an international network of more than 40 environmental organizations, whose mission is to promote a 100% renewable and a sustainable world. Its most visible tool is their “EKOenergy” ecolabel, which is currently the only global ecolabel for renewable energy. Energy sold with this label fulfills strict environmental criteria and raises funds for renewable energy projects.

For every MWh of EKOenergy sold, a minimum of 0,10 € goes to the EKOenergy Climate Fund. This money is used to finance small solar projects in remote areas of developing countries, managed by other experienced organizations. So far projects have been financed in Tanzania, Indonesia, Cameroon, Togo, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Sellers of EKOenergy labeled hydropower pay an extra contribution to EKOenergy’s Environmental Fund. This money is used to finance projects that aim to revert some of the negative impacts of hydropower on river ecosystems.

All around EKOenergy goes above and beyond to do their part while challenging others to do theirs. If that’s not Good, what is?

Written by Liza Zuber

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Liza is one of the Social Media & GoodPowWow Editors. She’s currently a student at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, expected to graduate this July. She joined the team before the first GoodFestival in 2016, working on the twitter posts prior and after the event. Having moved a lot when Liza was younger, and having an international education, has shaped Liza’s values to be compassionate and very curious. She is a strong believer in the ability for her generation to come together and to shape our future in the most positive way.
Liza is passionate, caring, hardworking, and wants to use her international background to contribute to making a sustainable and accepting world. She is passionate about food, animals, her friends, and of course the environment. She loves spending time outside, finding peace whilst connecting with nature.

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