LEDsafari: lighting the path for a sustainable future

How would you encourage youth entrepreneurship while reaching for a sustainable future? Directly impacting 15,000 students, indirectly 60,000 and saving 24 kilotons of CO2 emissions, it is safe to say that LEDsafari has a solution.

First place PremaGyan Good 100 medalist at April’s GoodFestival, founder and CEO Govinda lives his dream of empowering future generations to tackle climate change every day. LEDsafari encourages and empowers youth through education and training to tackle climate change. Why? Because climate change will have a great effect on their future lives.

Based in Switzerland, LEDsafari actively works in over 20 countries (India, Rwanda, Kenya, Germany…) teaching sustainability using hands-on education in Swiss and European universities and schools. In developing countries they do the same, but the aim is to provide energy access in underprivileged, electricity-scarce areas.

Their story started with a simple DIY solar lamp which made clear the power of solar technology. Now they offer a sensor solar lamp as well as a solar mobile phone charger. The basic solar lamp kit consists of a solar panel, Li-ion battery, switch and a few other essential parts. Creativity plays a major part as only the essential parts are provided – the lamp body individuals must build using recycled materials. Providing safe, clean lights to students in developing countries, LEDsafari helps encourage the growth of literacy.

With measurable figures already in the thousands (and tons!), one of their goals is to reach 100 million students in the next five years. To do this, they are looking for educational partners and investors all around the world. The other? To become a technology sharing platform for people around the world to become familiar with and adopt sustainable technologies

When asked about what the average person can do in their daily lives, Govinda encourages us to “be conscious and judicious with the use of energy and adopt renewable energy sources wherever possible.”

Arabella is the Social Media & GoodPowWow Coordinator for Majamba. She’s currently a student at Les Roches, set to graduate with a degree in International Hotel Management. She joined the team before the first GoodFestival in 2016, working on the social media campaign. Arabella’s passion lies in helping others achieve their potential. She first realized this as she tutored Gustavo, a five-year-old Ecuadorian boy, teaching him to read and write. Her passion for people is reflected in her ability to weave together diverse threads and characteristics into a strong team and reflect that in her work. Her own creativity comes out in her writing and flares for design.
Arabella is hardworking, driven and armed with strength and perseverance, helping others to overcome those “bumps in the road.” She also finds great delight in food – and its power to go beyond the basic, human need to become a powerful tool, bringing people together in a multicultural, open-minded setting. With a great curiosity in discovering and understanding new cultures, she loves traveling and diversely feeding her creative side. When not working for the GoodFestival, you’ll find Arabella with her nose in her books studying.

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