No More Paper Medical Instructions – dokspot: Helping Medtech Companies Go Paperless

With deforestation on the rise, it’s important, now more than ever, to reduce paper usage. Working as a product manager in the medical device industry, Hans was in charge of making products Fit to Market. This included the implementation of instructions for use in product configuration. Hans noticed an incredible amount of waste – the same content written in as many as 27 languages.  Although companies invested a lot of resources and money into providing these instructions, Hans observed that the first thing consumers did upon opening the product was to discard them, unread. At that point, Hans decided to do something.

In June 2014, Hans and Cyrille co-founded dokspot GmBH in Zurich. Their goal: to reduce the environmental and economic impact of multilanguage product instructions. They developed a software platform for medical device manufactures to communicate their instructions digitally and in compliance with regulations. Additionally, they consult their clients on the processes of changing from print to digital; reducing costs while increasing agility.

Using the cloud, dokspot integrates into manufacturers’ processes and corporate identity – the only solution of its kind, running in the background through an integrated portal on the manufacturer’s website. Not only that, but by focusing on the consumer, dokspot is able to link the physical product with digital instructions providing them with straightforward, easy access to instructions removing the never-ending process of finding accurate product information on the internet: no searching, no navigation, no doubt.

Tapping into the medical device market, dokspot focuses on the needs of the consumer in order to provide a continuously evolving platform. Already servicing their first clients, dokspot provides a simple and innovative solution to increase efficiency and cut costs in the MedTech Industry.

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