The Evolution of the Toilet


For the last 100 years, no one has questioned toilet usage – the way we use them, sanitary problems, nor the sewage system itself. We continue using out of necessity, even though the traditional toilet is a large contributor towards water pollution and waste creation. This is where Kompotoi steps in – revolutionizing the waste process.

Their aim? Using human waste in compost to improve soil, thus closing an important natural circle. Based and developed in Switzerland, Kompotoi’s latrines convert human waste into valuable compost while simultaneously minimizing pollution and water wastage. Simply by adding biocarbon to the compost, nutrients can then be stored in the soil, creating a healthy and fertile ground for agricultural use, soil remediation or the prevention of soil loss.

Kompotoi offers portable installations for events, as well as for private and public facilities. These composting toilets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and odor-free. Kompotoi offers a pleasant, user-friendly and ecological solution to events, drawing attention to the problems of “traditional” toilets and providing an extremely efficient composting system.

Though the concept is profit driven, Kompotoi holds partnerships with developing countries to tackle this taboo subject, a subject that no one seems willing to approach.

After four years of intensive development and gathering experience, Kompotoi is now at a stage where they are focusing on scaling up and increasing the level of awareness of their product. Currently, their main goal is to increase production and expand infrastructure within the next two years.

Kompotoi – rethinking modern day latrines, making the world a cleaner place.

Written by Liza Zuber

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Liza is one of the Social Media & GoodPowWow Editors. She’s currently a student at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, expected to graduate this July. She joined the team before the first GoodFestival in 2016, working on the twitter posts prior and after the event. Having moved a lot when Liza was younger, and having an international education, has shaped Liza’s values to be compassionate and very curious. She is a strong believer in the ability for her generation to come together and to shape our future in the most positive way.
Liza is passionate, caring, hardworking, and wants to use her international background to contribute to making a sustainable and accepting world. She is passionate about food, animals, her friends, and of course the environment. She loves spending time outside, finding peace whilst connecting with nature.

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